हमारे यहां पर सौफे कवर,पर्दे,कार सीट कवर ड्राइक्लीन की जाती है व चरक और प्रेस की सुविधा उपलब्ध है |

होम डिलीवरी की विशेष सुविधा उपलब्ध है |

Dry cleaners typically offer a range of services beyond just cleaning clothes. Here are some common services you might find at a dry cleaner:

Dry Cleaning: This is the primary service, where clothes are cleaned using a solvent instead of water. It’s ideal for delicate fabrics and garments with stains that are difficult to remove with regular washing.

Laundry Service: Some dry cleaners also offer traditional laundry services for clothes that can be safely washed with water.

Pressing/Ironing: After cleaning, garments are often pressed or ironed to remove wrinkles and restore their appearance.

Stain Removal: Dry cleaners are skilled at removing various types of stains from clothes, including oil, grease, wine, and ink stains.

Alterations and Repairs: Many dry cleaners offer alteration services to adjust the fit of garments or repair damaged items, such as replacing missing buttons or fixing tears.

Specialty Cleaning: Some dry cleaners specialize in cleaning specific types of items, such as wedding dresses, leather and suede garments, or household items like curtains and bedding.

Odor Removal: Dry cleaners can also help eliminate odors from clothes, such as smoke or pet odors.

Storage and Preservation: For special items like wedding dresses or vintage garments, dry cleaners may offer storage and preservation services to protect them from damage over time.

Pick-up and Delivery: Some dry cleaners offer convenient pick-up and delivery services, saving you time and hassle.


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